What is the North American Baseball League?
NABL is a fantasy baseball league of 24 fictional teams with fictional players. We aim to have some fun in a casual, easy going environment. The Participants in NABL simulate the ownership and management of real baseball teams, using Out of the Park Baseball 16 to simulate the outcomes of the baseball games.

What do I need?
You need a copy of OOTP16 (Latest patch), internet connection, and at least 18 years old.

What do I need to do?
All owners need to actively participate in the league and be 18 or over. Participation can be defined thusly: Keep up with your team (occasion roster changes, replace injured players in your line ups, manage your minors), keep up with your correspondence (respond to trade offers, etc.), and make sure you’re active in offseason activities (free agent auction, voting, contracts, amateur draft). If there’s a chronic problem, remediation is up to the commissioner. That could include cash fines, players suspensions, or expulsion. We don’t want to keep an inactive team from competing when there are other owners waiting to take over and be active. All communication will be done in the forum- so please check the forum often.

The Financials/Setup
NABL will use the in game financial system. We have a hard salary cap (95 Million) and all transactions can be handled in game. The cap may be increased or decreased yearly by the commissioner to benefit the league. 

Salary Cap - 95 million (Hard) - player salaries only (revoted on in 2024)
Min Salary - 480,000
Revenue Sharing - None
Budgets - Owners will decide budgets (budget ranges maint by commish change year to year)
Max Cash - 10 million
AVG NATL Media Revenue - 23 Million (fixed)
Avg Merchandising revenue: 14 million
Market Size - set at 7 (maintained by commish)
Fan interest - changes based on transactions and performance
Ticket Prices range - 10-20 (voted in 2024)
Avg Ticket price: 12
Visitors Gate: 20%

Rule V
The Rule V draft is on. We will do only 3 rounds. The draft order is determined in game.  An offline list must be submitted to the commish by the deadline and the Rule V draft will be done offline by the commish.

In game rules apply -
               1) you must have an open slot in your 40 man to draft a player (3 if you want 3 players).  If your 40 man is full - you will be skipped.
               2) You can't draft players in your organization already - protect them if you don't want them.
Waivers set to 15 days (2 sims)

DL List
The DL list is set for 15 days

Any contract amount of length can be offered to a player, but no incentives. Incentives are not allowed. Player options are allowed. No team options. If a player is signed with incentives in the contract, the contract will be corrected by the commish. You can sign an uneven or backloaded contract, but the highest year cannot be any more or less than 2X the previous year. We will play with arbitration and this will be handled in game (after a player hits 3 service years). You can avoid arbitration by signing the player to a long term contract. If a player retires, the contract is wiped and teams no longer are required to pay the player. There are also super 2 players that may get arbitration in their 2nd service year. This is the top 17% of players with the most service time. So keep this in mind. .

Arbitration will be handled in game. Arbitration can be avoided by offering the player a contract before the arbitration meeting. Arbitration is offered after 3 years of service. 1 year of service equals 172 days. There are also sometimes players that will get arbitration at 2 years.

Salary Cap
The salary cap is set at 95 million. The commissioner may change the salary cap up or down to benefit the league. The cap is a hard cap and may only go over the cap briefly after a transaction. 

Cap Violations
If I team if over the cap, they will get a 1 grace sim to correct it.  If its not corrected after the grace sim, a player will be suspended for the next sim.  If its still not corrected, the commish will release players to get that team back under the cap and the team will lose 1 fan interest point.

There is no roster limit for players. Your players can be distributed in any way the GM sees fit thoughout the organization. We use ghost players, so you don't need to keep all your minor league rosters full. You must keep your major league roster at 25 men. Failure will to keep your rosters at 25 will cause a fine or player to be suspended for 1 sim for each event and/or corrected by the league.

Free Agency
Free agency will be handled in game. You can sign an unlimited amount of free agents per sim. The player (game engine) will decide where he wants to play. You can offer a player any contract amount for any amount of years, but no incentives or team options. We will play with minor league free agents turned on. There will be no free agent compensation. You can trade draft picks (1-5) and all teams will play with the DH. Players with over 6 years of service time (172 days = 1 year) will become free agents. NABL has minor league free agency to keep teams from hoarding all the talent and to keep the league competitive.

Playoffs will be the division winners plus 1 wildcard from each league.

We will sim 7 games at a time. Sims will be done Sunday-Wed-Friday mornings. All exports are due 5:00AM the morning of the sim (unless noted).

Feeder Leagues
NABL will use feeder leagues and be fed by: 1 20 team High school league and two 40 team college leagues. Players may also be created by the AI if needed to ensure a full draft. All players in the amateur draft will come from a combination of feeder league players and newly created players (if needed). The feeder leagues are all fictional and each league will be 4 seasons before entering the draft.

Minor Leagues
Each team will have 4 levels of minor leagues. Rookie, Single A, Double A, and Triple AAA.

The draft will be done in Statslab utilities and in June (In Game). You are allowed to trade amateur draft picks 1-5 for the upcoming draft only. Once the Ammy draft is completed (June), you may trade the next upcoming drafts picks.

Trading will be suspended when the season ends until after the World Series.  You are allowed to trade amateur draft picks 1-10 (2025) for the upcoming draft only. Once the Ammy draft is completed (June), you may trade the next upcoming drafts picks.  Cash is allowed to be included in trades with a 5 mil max per trade (2025).  Trades are processed pre-sim.  Players in the international complex cannot be traded (2025).  They must be moved to one of your minor league levels to be processed (2027).

Career Ending Injuries
The team has the choice to remove the career ender or let the player retire.  If the team wants to remove the career ender, they need to let the commish know before the player retires and in time for the career ender to be unchecked.  The commish will uncheck the career ender and the player will be out for whatever injury time the game has assigned.  The commish will not modify the injury time.  If the team chooses to let the player retire- there is no action on the teams part.

Stadium Renovation/Changes (once every 7 years only). Can be renamed during any off season but factor changes can only be done once every 7 years. Seat capacity may not exceed 60,000. Seating capacity can only be increased 5,000 at a time if your at full capacity in the prior season (45K cap - avg >44K a game).  Basically your avg attendance per game should be less than 1,000 seats than the total capacity.  Each off season the Commish will look at the stadiums and bump up seating capacity if needed (2024).

Will be on with 1-20 ratings.

Are on - teams may turn one player and of season to a coach

DH in both leagues

Interleague Play
Will be on.

We use owner budgets in the game.  Owner spending ratings will be maintained by the commissioner at 7 (voted in 2024)

Budgets will be maintained by the commish if they get too uneven (2024).